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Hussard - Mammoth Molar finishing

Ref.: Mammoth
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The Hussard - Mammoth Molar finishing sabre is part of our luxury range of exception damascus steel sabres.

The blade of this sabre is made of one single piece of Sweddish DS93X 300 layers damascus steel (powder metallurgy). The damascus stainless steel blade boasts an exceptional thickness of 5mm and contains a minimum of 13% chromium and displays a "Rose" pattern.  

The handle of this sabre is made of one massive Siberian Fossilized Mammoth Molar. Its size is exceptional as the original molar weighed more than 30 kgs! Mammoth-tooth molar is a rare material utilized in luxury cutlery by the best craftsmen. Its iridescent and colourful reflections are entirely natural, and partly due to the presence of iron phosphates in the Siberian soils during fossilization.  

Fitting, assembly, shaping, grinding, polishing, finishing: all these successive steps were performed manually by our skilled craftslan in the cutlery capital city of Thiers (France). 

3mm brilliant-shaped diamond (VVS purity rating), set manually in Paris (France).

This Hussard Sabre - Mammoth Molar finishing - will be delivered to you in its L'Imperium case accompanied with a fitting python sheath.

 37 cm x 5cm x 0.6cm

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