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L'Imperium was born from a desire to innovate in Champagne Sabres field. All our sabres benefit from a shape tested and refined to ensure the easiest possible sabering moves as well as a patented diamond-based method to weaken the glass at the bottle's neck. Enter and discover the various innovations enclosed within each of our creations.


We wanted to create a range of innovative luxury sabers, significantly reducing the risk of explosion associated with the sabrage of a bottle of champagne. With some experience in this field, we found that the weight and profile of the blade were essential.

That's why we designed and patented this special shape. Both heavy and stable, but refined at the point of contact. The inertia thus generated allows a safe and effective gesture, within the reach of all.

A Luxury item

Beyond the most noble materials and handcrafted 100% French, a brilliant-cut diamond crimped "points up", allows a pre-cut of the neck in the manner of master glass-makers splitting a glass plate. This further secures the gesture, avoiding that the neck of the bottle breaks into action. We are proud to present these blades as spokespeople of French craftsmanship excellence, combining style and prestige.

L'IMPERIUM, partner of your privileged moments.

L'Impérium France - Innovative Champagne Sabres