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Sabrering ...

This noble gesture appeared shortly after the invention of the effervescent wine of champagne, marks the spirits of all those who tried it.

According to legend, the first to attempt the experiment were the cavalry of the Napoleonic armies celebrating victories. The most deserving ones received the Legion of Honor for bravery in battle. 18 centuries earlier, the first Roman emperors donned the purple and thus held the Imperium, the ultimate symbol of their power over the civilized world. The eagle was their emblem.

Today, in France, the home of luxury and fine craftsmanship, young entrepreneurs launched a luxury brand with the codes of their glorious ancestors. A brand of Champagne sabres.
Based in Paris, our design office works with the best French craftsmen and suppliers to offer you innovative, aesthetic and rare products. Trust L'IMPERIUM to be the partner of your moments of exception.

L'Impérium France - Innovative Champagne Sabres